China's road machinery is actively going out
Date: 2021-06-24 13:58:49

After more than 60 years of development, China's engineering machinery industry has formed a complete industrial system. In addition to a few special and large products, it can produce and meet the 18 categories and more than 4000 specifications and types of engineering machinery for domestic engineering construction. In 2012, China's construction machinery industry reached 562 billion 600 million yuan and nearly 600 billion yuan in 2013. China has become the largest country in the world.

The international market of China Construction Machinery Market

Since China's entry into the WTO, China's engineering machinery products have begun to go out of the country and serve the global project, and have been welcomed by international merchants for their excellent performance and performance. In recent years, China's construction machinery export revenue has steadily accounted for more than 20% of the total income of the industry. It can be said that the development level of the construction machinery industry is better than the other categories in the national machinery manufacturing industry. According to the statistics of the National Customs General Administration, the import and export trade volume of China's construction machinery was 24 billion 266 million US dollars in 2013, down 3.12% from 24 billion 312 million dollars in 2012, of which the export amount reached 19 billion 530 million US dollars, up 1.93% over the previous year of 186.21 US dollars.

From the perspective of the export of construction machinery products in China, Africa, Latin America, ASEAN, the United States and the European Union are still the main market. Exports from ASEAN, Hongkong, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Korea and the United States increased rapidly, while Russia, India and Brazil declined.

Among all continents, Asia is still the most important export market for China's construction machinery, with an export volume of $9 billion 162 million, up 10.4% from a year earlier, accounting for 46.9% of China's total export construction machinery. Although the export volume of Europe has dropped by 6.69%, it still ranks second in the export market with the export volume of US $3 billion 89 million, accounting for 15.8% of China's construction machinery exports. In the third place, Africa's exports amounted to US $2 billion 693 million, an increase of 7.36% over the previous year, accounting for 13.8%. North America 1 billion 993 million dollars, an increase of 0.33%, accounting for 10.2%. South America 1 billion 944 million US dollars, down 14.3% compared to the same period, accounting for 9.95%. Oceania's US $651 million declined by 17.7%, accounting for 3.33%.

From the development trend of construction machinery enterprises in our country, "going global" and "internationalization" have become the development strategy of many brand enterprises. With the gradual improvement of the distribution of global marketing and service in China's construction machinery enterprises, many enterprises have already crossed the primary stage of the product go out only, starting in the target market to start the company and plant production, not only going out, but also starting to "walk in" and "go up". In recent years, Chinese construction machinery enterprises have begun to purchase internationally famous construction machinery enterprises, attracting global attention.

At the same time, the XCG group has continuously expanded the export of products, and at the same time set up the assembly plant abroad, annexed foreign enterprises, further integrated the global resources, and built a multi regional support and multi project driven industrial pattern. After the successful acquisition of CIFA company 5 years ago, ZOOMLION has successfully grafted CIFA's advantages through efficient cooperation, sharing of resources, complementary advantages and high integration. It has promoted the competitive ability of concrete machinery.

In recent years, all the overseas companies of the 31 group have achieved good operating performance. The key products such as excavators and cranes have realized the overseas localization and made great progress in India and Brazil. Liugong has always regarded internationalization as the core development strategy and achieved remarkable results. In recent years, the proportion of overseas income in the company's business revenue has increased significantly.

Other engineering machinery enterprises, such as Shandong labor, mountain, Xiamen, dragon workers, mountain and river intelligence, Fukuda Revo, national machine heavy industry, Fangyuan group, Fushun Yong Mao, luyde and so on, overseas sales have shown good development momentum.

Overall, the "going out" of China's construction machinery has become a billowing torrent and irresistible. China's engineering machinery products have also occupied a considerable market share in the international market. With the rapid rise of the leading brand enterprises, the products are gradually developing to the high-end market and high-end fields.

Road machinery made in China

Products closely related to road construction in the engineering machinery industry are mainly two categories of pavement machinery and compaction machinery, mainly for road construction and maintenance services. In the construction machinery industry, it belongs to a small industry, a large number of enterprises, a wide range of products, outstanding product characteristics, and obvious professional characteristics. The most common and most important pavement machinery mainly include roller, paver, asphalt mixing station and milling machine, as well as many common earth and stone machines used for Subgrade placement, as well as a wide variety of maintenance machinery. The scale of road machinery and compaction machinery is relatively small in the large scale construction machinery industry of China, and its operating income is between 33 billion yuan and 37 billion yuan.

From the scale of road surface and compaction machinery industry, roller is the largest type of sales volume and output value. In 2011, the industry sold 21617 units, down to 13289 in 2012 and 15726 in 2013. In this fluctuating process, the outlet of the roller has been more stable. The statistics of the China Engineering Machinery Industry Association show that the export volume in the last four years is 3443, 3665, 3335 and 3395.

Export sales revenue accounted for 20% of stability. It can be said that roller compacts basically achieved stable and large-scale exports. In 2013, Xugong set up a roller compactor manufacturing base in Brazil to become a local government.

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